Budgeting To Pay For Your Storage Unit Rental

open storage unit

Creating a budget helps you effectively track your money and, if necessary, factor in the payment for a much-needed storage unit rental. Clifton Rt 46 Self Storage prides itself on offering affordable interior and exterior storage units of various sizes, so you only pay for the storage space you need.

Choose The Correct Size

The bigger the space, the higher your monthly payment. Before budgeting for your rental storage, ensure you’re not renting a larger unit than you need. Storage calculators help you estimate an appropriate size for your items and may show that a smaller unit is sufficient, saving you money. Investing in shelving that maximizes available space may also let you rent a smaller, less expensive unit. We have many unit sizes at a variety of price points, so there's no need to rent the largest unit we have if a small 5x5 is all you need.

Budgeting Short Term

If you just need a storage unit for a short time, don’t get roped into a long-term rental contract. We offer month-to-month rentals, so you keep the unit only as long as you need it. Budgeting for a short-term expense is often easier with some simple changes in your spending habits. Then, reallocate the funds when you no longer need your storage space. If you need to rent your storage unit long-term, assign it to your annual budget instead of your monthly budget.

Budget For Business Storage

Businesses that budget for the rental of a storage unit may find they’re saving money even though they're paying for extra space. Storage units are a great place to keep excess inventory until you can move it to the sales floor. This allows business owners to buy merchandise in bulk, which usually means discounted pricing. Add your storage fees into your annual budget, then offset this cost by subtracting bulk discounts you receive throughout the year.

Affordable Storage Unit Rentals In Clifton, NJ

Clifton Rt 46 Self Storage offers cost-effective storage solutions in a convenient location. Our prices are competitive for the area, and we have hundreds of units in a variety of sizes to match your storage needs. Our knowledgeable on-site staff can help you choose the best unit for your needs and budget, or contact us at 973-772-1300 to learn which storage units are available for rent.