What to Keep in Your Storage Unit


Most items store well in self-storage units, but some items store better in interior units rather than exterior ones, and vice versa. There are also some items you should never store in either type of unit. Determining what to keep in your storage unit also depends on whether your items will be stored briefly or for a long time. Learning what and where to keep items in your storage unit isn’t tricky, once you’re aware of a few considerations. Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage in Clifton, New Jersey, offers high-quality interior and exterior storage units appropriate for a wide variety of household and business goods.

What To Keep In Interior Storage Units

Items sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations fare better in interior storage units. Our indoor storage units are ideal for musical instruments, business and other important documents, books, photographs, electronics, high-end clothing and special collections like coins, stamps, comics and vinyl records. Because these units are inside a building, they also offer additional security, making them more ideal for items of a higher value. In short, if you wouldn’t store an item in your garage or shed, they belong in an interior unit. These are appropriate for most items you’d normally store in a closet inside your home.

What To Keep In Exterior Storage Units

Our large outdoor storage units offer the added convenience of drive-up access and large, roll-up doors. This makes them perfect for oversized objects like bulky or heavy furniture or appliances. A roomy outdoor unit is also ideal for expensive outdoor equipment that needs protection from the elements but won’t fit in your garage at home. Even the highest-quality exterior storage units may be prone to dust, pests, moisture and severe temperature fluctuations, which makes them unsuitable for certain items.

Safe, Secure Storage Solutions In Clifton, New Jersey

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage space for your household or business items, Clifton Rt. 46 Self Storage has the storage solution you need. We provide safe, affordable indoor and outdoor self-storage options in a wide variety of sizes. Contact us at 973-772-1300 to learn more about the units we currently have available or reserve a unit online.